South East Archers run periodic beginner’s courses to meet demands. The intent of these courses is to serve as a basic introduction to archery. Proficiency is a lifelong quest for most of us.
Along with shooting technique we emphasize safety. Archery has a very good safety record and we wish it to remain so.


There is no need for an archer to compete if they prefer not to. Some people shoot a certain type of bow that appeals to them and just wish to see the arrows fly. The arc of an arrow as its feathers fly out of view is a sight that stirs many hearts. Some archers see archery as a means to keep alive tradition. These archers are often interested in historical re-enactment or some just want to shoot the bow Robin Hood shot!
For some archery is just a means to meet friends on a night out and shoot for fun leaving other concerns behind.
All are welcome!
For all of these people the entry to archery and the club is through the beginner’s course.
The course consists of six weekly lessons lasting 90 to 120 minutes. Beginners are introduced to warm-up exercises, stretchy bands as a means to learning technique, range safety requirements and archery form/technique.
We give information on the different styles of archery- longbow, recurve, barebow, compound- and the different disciplines- target, field, 3D, clout shooting.
We have a trained coach and experienced assistant coaches on hand to help the beginners and to ensure safety. We are always pleasantly surprised by the progress that can be made over the six weeks.
Once the course is completed, the beginners will be able to join the club if they wish. We will be happy to advise them on what equipment they will need according to their preferences. Equipment needs to be matched to the archer’s fitness, draw length. Arrows need to match the bow and archer.
If you don’t take a course or seek advice it is easy to end up with equipment that does not suit your needs. That makes it costly.

The course costs €90 for an adult and €70 for children, students and OAPs.

There is some equipment included in the cost. We provide a quiver with some arrows, an arm-guard and a finger tab.

Bows to suit the beginner are provided for the duration of the course but these aren’t taken home.