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Technique information:

The archery form promoted by Archery Ireland is their studied opinion of what is the best. There are other versions around which contain many common elements. Looking at these can help you understand what you’ve been thought and help you personalise your individual technique.


This is a very useful set of video clips from the Archery GB website featuring the British Team coach, Lloyd Brown.


From our neighbouring club, Wicklow Archers, comes this PDF of the technique you’ve been taught.


The American version, the KSL Shot Cycle, is available here. It is a mine of useful, free, coaching information. Explore the entire site.


From the NAA comes this link. Very similar in many regards to our own.


Archery legend and paragon of perfect Olympic style form: Park, Sung Hyun.


Barebow form as demonstrated by Giuseppe Seimandi:



Where do I buy some gear?

First, ask us but here are some sites for you to do some window shopping:


A web-shop with a local outlet near Bree, Co. Wexford.  Advantage, for a web-shop, of having a face and person to deal with.


This is a local site (Blessington) and you are guaranteed individual attention and depth of knowledge when you contact them.


Based in Trim, Co. Meath, another good place for informed purchases.


For local Traditional archery purchases, try:


Or even more local is this new shop based in New Ross.


Webshops across the water:


Factor in postage and currency changes. Most of these shops are open to being contacted over the phone about purchases. They live or die by their web reputation and are well considered by the online archery community.


Often the source of some very good deals with excellent customer service.


Alternative Sporting Services prefer, really-really-prefer, email contact.

They have the widest portfolio of risers, limbs and equipment of any of the shops. For barebow archers looking for something specific, these are the people. Prices are good too.



Consider second-hand purchases:


Or try some of the Sales sections of local archery forums or Facebook:



Lastly, and certainly not least, a free booklet that spans all you need to learn when you’re starting off, about archery. Thanks to Murray Elliot.








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