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UKIFAC 2015.

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 UKIFAC came and UKIFAC was conquered.

The Welsh were happy because they had ‘gone down to the Valleys’.

(You did read that with your imitation Welsh accent didn’t you?)

The English were happy as they learnt the true meaning and intonation of versatile word, ‘feck’, and how to pronounce ‘three’ with an Irish accent.

The Scots were happy as they had their first archery weekend for a long time wit...

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There’s Field and there’s Field Rounds…

With the upcoming United Kingdom and Ireland Field Archery Championships (UKIFAC) looming, this is a quick comparison of the differences of the two types of field-archery shot in this country.

UKIFAC is shot by archers from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland...

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‘My first time’, by David Thomas.

David was a part of our beginners course of October 2014. From the start he showed an aptitude for archery and we were glad when he added archery to his other pastimes and signed on the dotted line. He has always shown a desire to improve and so we were relieved delighted when he took his first steps into the wider world of archery...

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Irish Open 3D Championships 2015.

Last year, the European Championships in Tallinn, Estonia, saw archers from the traditional FITA field countries compete with archers from many of the Eastern European countries in a true melting pot of colour and culture. There were no Irish archers present showing how far 3D has yet to develop in World Archery circles in this country...

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