Monthly Archives April 2014

A Walk in the Woods.

A shortened and jazzed up version of the 6 minute ‘epic’ done as a reminder that’s it’s nearly that time of the year again.

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Club Colours.

Club logos of Ireland

Club logos can be interesting from a design perspective. Some plain and elegant. Others more complex and obviously designed with huge consideration. They are nearly all colourful. They are the shields we compete under, using instruments of war, on a rather less bloody battlefield...

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National Series- Leinster


The first round of the National Series took place on 28th and 29th March 2014 at Townley Hall, Drogheda; hosted by Cuchulainn Archers. There were archers present from clubs north and south, east and west, shooting recurve and compound.  The weather was typical for the time of year, cold and damp, with some wind...

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