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World Archery 3D Championships, Robion, France 2017.

Bienvenu a France, quelques numeros pour votre examination…

1 World Championship

30 countries.

318 archers, 192 men and 126 women.

1 hosting country and club.

For the men the biggest division was the compound with 53 archers, while there were 51 barebow men, 46 longbows and 41 instinctive archers...

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Course now full.

Our next course is now fully subscribed, ant further enquiries will go on a waiting list.

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Beginner’s Course soon!

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I’ve done reports on many of the big international field and 3D championships in recent years. Basically they’ve been a compilation of photographs, scores and general information from various sources. For this year’s World Archery Field Championships that hasn’t happened. The reason is that I was a little more intimately involved in this one as it took place on home turf.


Consequently th...

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